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Bullseye Studio is located inside Bullseye’s factory in Portland, Oregon. The Studio is where Bullseye’s large-scale design and fabrication team collaborates with artists, architects, and designers, tackling projects that expand the boundaries of contemporary kiln-glass. Bullseye Studio offers artist residencies, architectural-scale design and fabrication, and assistance to artists seeking public commissions.

Bullseye Studio projects are innovative and often technically challenging. Collaboration allows Bullseye to respond to and learn from those who wish to push the limits of kiln-glass, resulting in exemplary art and architectural-scale work.

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Glass Lab - Kids Class

Events  Glass Lab_ Kiln-glass Class For Kids
Saturday, March 14, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

$25 per child

Register by email or call 503-227-0222

Designed for kids ages 8-11, this hands-on experience will draw inspiration from a youth-minded guided tour of Dark Ecologies, an exhibition that explores our complicated and intertwined coexistence with the natural world. Participants will then step into the Glass Lab to experiment with modified glass powders, creating landforms made of kilnformed glass. Participants and their friends and families can return to Bullseye Projects a week later to enjoy their creations showcased in the gallery – time enough to let your friends know your kid has “arrived” at the heart of the Portland Art Scene.  

Glass Lab

Glass Lab  Glass Lab Kiln-glass for kids

The Glass Lab at Bullseye Projects is an experimental, evolving space to test and explore learning with kiln-glass. It is a place for children and families to experiment, investigate, and make meaningful connections while working with the familiar and mysterious medium of glass.

Inspired by artworks and themes in the gallery, kids of all ages engage in hands-on making while exploring the art and material elements of glass.

Designed to ignite the imaginations of developing minds, our drop-in activities, youth classes, and family programs are just a few of the offerings you will see in this space. We hope that you will revisit it regularly as it evolves.

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Artist Residencies

Residencies   Artist Residencies_br_

Bullseye Glass Co. was founded in 1974 by three recent art school graduates and has remained, at its core, a factory for artists. Since its inception, Bullseye has invited artists to the factory in Portland, Oregon, to collaborate, experiment, ask questions, and push the boundaries of the material. Established artists in the glass community such as Klaus Moje, Narcissus Quagliata, Richard Whiteley, and Dante Marioni have come to Bullseye to develop new formal, color, or conceptual languages for their work. Meanwhile, artists known for their work in other media—including Jun Kaneko, Deborah Horrell, Munson Hunt, and Judy Tuwaletstiwa—have worked with Bullseye to translate their ideas into kilnformed glass. These collaborations, formerly called exchanges, emerged from invitations, referrals, and the occasional uninvited guest who shows up with a question too intriguing to ignore. They resulted in the development of materials and techniques that are widely used today throughout the kiln-glass community.

Forty years later, Bullseye has grown beyond a single factory. In addition to the factory studio in Portland, we now have studios at our Resource Centers in Santa Fe, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York. These locations provide us with the opportunity to work with even more artists. Bullseye will host two residencies per year at each of our RC studio locations, allowing even more artists to experiment with tools and techniques while we all collaborate on pushing the technical, aesthetic, and conceptual boundaries of kiln-glass.


Bullseye Glass Co. offers two types of residencies.

  • RC residencies at our Resource Centers in Santa Fe, the Bay Area, and New York are open to regional artists and artist groups and provide extended (up to three months) access to facilities as well as a materials budget. Artists are responsible for food, travel, housing and other expenses.

  • Factory residencies at our Portland studio are open to regional, national, and international artists and artist groups. Factory Residencies are for concentrated project-based explorations and can range from 2-4 weeks depending on the parameters of the project. Bullseye will provide access to facilities, a materials budget, and, if required, housing. Residents are responsible for food, travel, and other expenses.

Artists are not required to finish a project during their residency, but will share their work, developments, and research with the Bullseye community through notes, blog posts, images, public lectures, studio visits, and various events throughout and closely following the residency. Artists are encouraged to invite their friends, peers, and the local community to visit while they are in residence.


For Residencies that take place between June 1 and December 31.

  • October 31 - Applications are CLOSED
  • March 1- Applications due.
  • April 1 - Selections are announced.

For residencies that take place between January 1 and May 31.

  • September 1 - Applications Due.
  • September 20 - Selections are announced.

Panels will meet twice a year to review applications.


A panel comprised of Bullseye staff, fellow artists, and art professionals chooses 8 artists or artist groups for residencies each year. Awards of residencies are at the discretion of Bullseye Glass Co. In some instances, artists are invited to participate without submitting an application.

Proposals must be compatible with the available studio tools, space and must accommodate the multi-use nature of Bullseye Resource Centers as well as Bullseye's mission. Established as well as emerging artists are encouraged to apply.


Accommodations are not available for artists at our Resource Centers. Accommodations are available, based on need, at our Portland facility. Residents are not allowed to sleep overnight in the studios.

Collaborations / Artist Teams

Proposals for Artist Teams or Collaborations must be clearly identified and each artist must submit images and indicate their level of experience. Preference is given to artist teams that contain at least one person with extensive training in kiln-glass practices.


Resource Center Residencies are available to current residents of the region. Established and emerging artists from all disciplines are eligible for a residency at Bullseye. Artists with little to no experience with kiln-glass are encouraged to apply, but may be asked to attend a workshop in advance of the residency to familiarize themselves with the studio and kiln-glass methods.


Only applications submitted through Call For Entry will be considered. If you have any questions regarding the residency program or the application process, you may contact us at: