Collect 2020 Lightning Talks: with Joanna Manousis

February 29, 2020
Somerset House, London Saturday 29 Feb, 3 pm

Bullseye artist Joanna Manousis joins a selection of artist voices showcased at Collect to talk about their work in just ten minutes and with 20 slides each. This fun, fast-paced session provides a unique insight into the process of such exquisite craft pieces.


This talk is part of Collect: International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design which is on from 27 February - 1 March 2020. See all Collect talks here.


Bullseye Projects returns to London for Collect 2020, an international art fair for modern craft and design. Bullseye Projects is again presenting work by emerging and mid-career artists who have deep ties, either as alumni or faculty, to British art and design programs, including new work by Heike Brachlow, Celia Dowson, Joshua Kerley, Joanna Manousis, Anne Petters, and Karlyn Sutherland. Collect 2020 will be held, for the first time, at Somerset House. To celebrate this change of venue, Bullseye Projects will debut a collaboration with London-based wood carver Zeinab Harding inspired by the architecture of this unique and historic building.