Bullseye presents Martha Pfanschmidt: Floating Downstream

Portland, OR - Bullseye Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work in kilnformed glass by Martha Pfanschmidt, open March 2 through April 21, 2007.

Historically a printmaker, Pfanschmidt began experimenting with glass in 2004. “Working with glass has been immensely challenging and also loads of fun,” says the artist. “It has taught me to accept both the qualities and limitations of a medium and then go with it, allowing it to reveal and express its inherent properties. What I have learned from glass has changed forever the way I approach making prints and paintings.”

“Pfanschmidt first worked with our factory studios in 2004 on Found in Translation, a project to introduce painters and printmakers to the medium of kilnformed glass,” says gallery director Lani McGregor. “Her sensitivity to transparency, already keenly developed through the medium of printmaking, immediately resonated in glass. We invited her back for a second project in 2005, and now look forward to her first solo exhibition at the gallery.”

In 2005, Pfanschmidt began a unique collaboration with Gerding/Edlen Development, GBD Architects, and Bullseye Glass Company: creating vibrant, multi-layered panels of colored glass for the main and elevator lobbies of each of the 16 floors of The Casey, GED's 16-story quarter-block condominium tower rising immediately to the east of the gallery. The panels are currently in production at the factory studios of Bullseye Glass.

Pfanschmidt has been an instructor at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon since 1991. Her work is included in the following public collections:

China National Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
City of Tucson, AZ
Gordon and Vivian Gilkey Center for the Graphic Arts, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR
Lake Oswego Visual Chronicle, Lake Oswego, OR
Museu da Gravura, Cidade de Curitiba, Brazil
New York Public Library, New York, NY
RACC Moveable Collection, Portland, OR
Washington County Public Service Building Moveable Collection, OR

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January 29, 2007