Bob Hicks reviews Dante Marioni's Variations. (Oregonian)

Dante Marioni, Bee Hive, 2011
kilncast glass, 14 x 11.5 x 3 inches
Photo by: R. Johnson
Story by: Bob Hicks

(excerpt) - It seems absurd to have to point this out, but sometimes art is purely and simply about the pursuit of beauty.

That ancient and elemental prerogative can get a little lost at a time when art is about so many things, from social experiment to technical theory to political provocation. Yet the search for the ideal, for moments of pure brilliance, is still vital. It's why we're still bowled over by a Haydn trumpet concerto or Michelangelo's David or a bang-bang double play from deep in the hole at short.

And it's why the glass art of Dante Marioni is so seductive. No messages. No gimmicks. Just the startling clarity of gorgeously achieved form. In a Marioni glass piece, technique, material and shape come together into three-dimensional creations that are their own reward -- glimpses of a harmony that seems mostly beyond human reach but that somehow, in these brief artistic encounters, makes itself known. more

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May 6, 2011