Bullseye presents Of Other Spaces

Michael Endo, Olympic, 2012
kilnformed glass, 24 x 29.75 inches

Portland, OR – Bullseye Gallery is pleased to present a duo exhibition featuring the work of Portland- based artists Michael Endo and Emily Nachison, on view February 29 – April 28, 2012.

Drawing inspiration from a 1978 Michel Foucault essay of the same name, Of Other Spaces explores the transformative power of spaces that exist at the boundaries of our culture. In these liminal spaces, which Foucault called heterotopias, time and meaning accumulate and overlap: they are in a state of flux. Emily Nachison’s mimetic mixed-media sculptures investigate our culturally created visions of nature and the mythos that arises from these preconceptions. Michael Endo’s kilnformed panels reference spaces that are on the outskirts or in the margins of our built world: a house on the edge of a forest or the uninhabited field between the rail yard and a neighborhood. Endo’s work seeks out a transformative moment that is locked in a loop of familiarity and ambiguity.

Michael Endo and Emily Nachison are both graduates of Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Over the course of two and one-half years, they have collaborated on both curatorial projects and exhibitions. Endo and Nachison have each mounted solo exhibitions in Portland in the last year, and in 2010 they were each awarded grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council for the installation space at the Portland Building.

February 16, 2012