Bullseye presents Chroma-Culture

Klaus Moje, Chromatic Evolution 1 & 2, 2013
fused, kilnformed, ground and polished glass, 47.5 x 72 x 1.375inches (installed)
Photo: M. Endo

Portland, OR – Bullseye Gallery presents Chroma-Culture, an exhibition focused on color, featuring fifteen artists from around the world. Chroma-Culture will be on viewMay 1 – June 29, 2013.

Seductive and engaging, color is one of the fundamental elements of our world and yet is also one of the most misunderstood. Throughout history, artists, philosophers and scientists have tried to explain color through poetic characterizations and elaborate analytical and organizational systems. Despite these efforts, conversations about color remain subjective and often tied to parapsychology and cultural philosophy rather than hard fact.

In conjunction with BECon 2013: Chroma-Culture, Bullseye presents a sweeping group exhibition that examines the mysteries and curiosities around color. Each artist, using kilnformed glass, approaches color in unique ways. Color, as in the work by Klaus Moje, can be the subject around which the work is made. It can also be a component of a larger conceptual paradigm, as seen in the flamboyant, pop iconography of Richard Marquis. The cultural, symbolic interpretations of color are exploited in the psychology-driven work of Argentinian-born artist Silvia Levenson and the metaphysic installations of Portland artist Emily Nachison.

Color can be explained scientifically as the sensation of the visual spectrum. It is a physical process in which electromagnetic waves of a particular length stimulate receptors within the eye. These, in turn, are translated into color and form within our brain. Color becomes subjective because the physical process of receiving these waves can vary from person to person. This is where the mystery lies. The expanse between the physical nature of color and our sensation and interpretation of this nature is the rich territory where art exists. The fifteen international artists that are included in Chroma-Culture navigate this area and bring to us works that tackle the visual, psychological, symbolic, and cultural implications of color.

Portland’s biennial BECon is the glass industry's foremost conference on kilnforming. This year, the event will focus on the use of color in contemporary kiln-glass. BECon explores new ideas and new processes by inviting leading artists from a variety of disciplines to share their knowledge and vision through a series of panels and workshops. The conference will be held on the metropolitan campus of Portland State University.

April 19, 2013