Bullseye Gallery becomes Bullseye Projects

Portland, OR – Beginning on January 1, 2015, Bullseye Gallery will become Bullseye Projects. This transition reflects Bullseye’s increasing focus on activities that include, but go beyond, gallery exhibitions.


Bullseye Projects from Bullseye Glass on Vimeo.


Bullseye Projects will explore contemporary glass with makers and viewers of all ages. Bullseye Projects’ new learning studio, combined with Bullseye’s existing gallery spaces and in collaboration with Bullseye’s factory studio, will allow artists, designers, architects and visitors of all ages new opportunities to see exemplary work and expand their creativity through glass. Our program will include:


•Exhibitions promoting exemplary art, design and architecture in glass
•Touring exhibitions and educational programming
•Hands-on making and learning experiences
•Arts events encouraging exploration and dialog
•Artist residencies in Bullseye's facilities across the United States
•Assistance to artists seeking large-scale commissions
•Collaboration with museums, schools, and arts organizations around the world


On January 17, 2015, Bullseye Projects will host a launch celebration. More information will be coming soon.


Exhibitions Bullseye Projects will mount approximately twelve exhibitions per year between its Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, and Westchester, New York exhibition spaces. Each exhibition will run for twelve weeks, allowing for increased educational programming: lectures, workshops, and special events. Bullseye’s Resource Center galleries allow for exhibitions to travel, extending the length of an exhibition and expanding the opportunities associated with each show. Additionally, Bullseye will mount special exhibitions in some unusual venues as opportunities allow. Watch for more information in 2015.


Making and Learning Bullseye Projects will include a Youth Educator. The Youth Educator position marks the beginning of a new endeavor for Bullseye. A portion of the Portland Pearl District location will be transformed into a youth education studio where Bullseye will develop curriculum centered on exhibition concepts and themes. These programs will travel alongside exhibitions and be a key component as Bullseye works to collaborate with museums, schools, and arts organizations.


Museums and Collaborations Bullseye will continue its ongoing relationships with museums, including support in the form of facilitating loans – as Bullseye did for LINKS: Australian Glass and the Pacific Northwest – and also the creation of special exhibitions at Bullseye’s Portland location that will travel to museums, art centers, and alternative venues. Retrospective, an exhibition highlighting the history of kilnformed glass, traveled to the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass in Wisconsin in April of 2014. Emerge/Evolve 2014 opened in Portland before traveling to the Resource Center Bay Area, and Pittsburgh Glass Center. It will conclude its tour after a four-month run at the Bellevue Arts Museum beginning in February 2015.


Residencies Artist residencies, formerly called exchanges, are a major part of Bullseye Glass Company’s mission. Until now, residencies have been granted based on private invitation and at irregular intervals. Beginning this month, a formal application process will be established. Bullseye Projects will offer two types of residencies. Resource Center residencies will take place in our Santa Fe, San Francisco Bay Area, and Westchester, New York Resource Centers. These will be open to regional artists and artist groups and provide extended (up to three months) access to facilities, as well as a materials budget. Bullseye Studio residencies will take place at Bullseye’s Portland factory studio and will be open to regional, national and international artists and artist groups. Bullseye Studio residencies are for concentrated project-based explorations and can range from two to four weeks. For more information please visit our website.


Bullseye Studio Bullseye Studio is located onsite at Bullseye’s factory in Portland, Oregon. The Studio is where Bullseye’s large-scale design and fabrication team collaborates with artists, architects, and designers, tackling projects that expand the boundaries of contemporary kiln-glass. Bullseye Studio offers artist residencies, architectural-scale design and fabrication, and assistance to artists seeking large-scale commissions. Bullseye Studio projects are innovative and often technically challenging. Collaboration allows Bullseye to respond to and learn from those who wish to push the limits of kiln-glass, resulting in exemplary art and architectural-scale work.

Rather than a departure from what Bullseye Gallery was, Bullseye Projects reaffirms and expands what Bullseye has always been. Through exhibitions, educational offerings, collaborations, and residencies, Bullseye will continue to push the conceptual, technical and aesthetic boundaries of glass in general and kiln-glass in particular.


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December 3, 2014