Radio Artstar: Eva Lake & Mark Zirpel on KPSU January 9

Portland, OR – Eva Lake of KPSU’s Artstar radio will rebroadcast her December 12, 2004 interview with artist Mark Zirpel on Sunday January 9, 2005 at 1:00 PM. Mark Zirpel’s Celestial/Terrestrial is an exploration into the cyclical nature of the natural world evident in an exhibition of kilnformed glass, installations, and interactive sculpture on view at The Bullseye Connection Gallery through January 29, 2005.

Zirpel’s work begins with animal, marine, tidal and planetary imagery. His sculptures often marry these themes to the cyclical nature of time and the relationships and tensions between heaven and earth, sea and sand, time and tides. In closely examining the natural world and it’s cyclical elements, Zirpel’s sculptures relate a reverent awe mixed with a scientist’s careful, documented curiosity. His works in glass are especially mindful of this dichotomy, pairing the rough, sand-like frit of lunar surfaces with smooth, fluid shapes that speak of water and the passage of light and time.

“The movement of water as a means of measuring time is a subject I’ve explored in a series of sculptures that employ dripping, siphoning and pumping of water to refer to the passage of time,” says Zirpel. “Increasing the scale of the bodies of water to that of oceans led me to consider the motions of tides and their relationship to celestial mechanics.”

Zirpel is a Wheaton Fellowship recipient for 2004. He lives and works in the Seattle area, where he runs ACME Art, a printmaking, photography and sculpture studio.

Eva Lake began Artstar in May 2002 as a response to the need for more visual arts coverage in Portland. Artstar focuses on the artist, his or her process, history, motivation and the business of art. Lake, an artist in her own right, interviews artists from across the entire art spectrum. Recent interviews include Chandra Bocci, Hilary Pfeifer, and Brian Borello.

Where:KPSU 1450 AM, webcast at

When:January 9, 2005 at1:00 PM

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