Jennifer Rabin Reviews Silvia Levenson's "Identidad Desaparecida" (Willamette Week)

Willamette Week Pick

By Jennifer Rabin


In Silvia Levenson’s piece titled “She flew away,” a translucent glass swing hangs empty above a pair of tiny glass Mary Janes. All we can think about is the child who should be there to fill them and to play. Levenson’s exhibition addresses Argentina’s “Dirty War,” a period between 1976-83 when pregnant opponents of military rule were killed after giving birth, their children put up for adoption. Levenson tracks the effort to reunite these now-grown children with their biological grandparents by casting in glass a child-sized article of clothing for each resolved case. 121 tiny bibs, onesies, socks and sweaters span two walls of the gallery, a haunting reminder of what was taken from so many families. It is also a symbol of hope, both for those who have been found and for those who have yet to be. 


 Through Feb. 4.

Bullseye Projects, 300 NW 13th Ave., 503-227-0222.


Source: Willamette Week

November 9, 2016