Bullseye Projects Presents ‘Suspended Time’

Featuring Jenny Trinks and Norwood Viviano

Bullseye Projects is proud to introduce Jenny Trinks and Norwood Viviano, who will be making their debut at the gallery in the upcoming exhibition, Suspended Time. The exhibition will open on Wednesday, April 5th.  


The artists explore similar themes of the urban landscape and its relationship to time, however they execute their ideas using radically different methods. Trinks explores the forms, shadows, and contours of the built environment by fusing glass powder onto glass, then cutting and reorienting the panels into new compositions; whereas Viviano creates sculptural installations of urban and industrial landscapes out of kiln-cast glass.


Both artists have been featured in multiple issues of New Glass Review, and participated in residencies at the Corning Museum of Glass. The museum also produced the following videos during the artists’ respective residencies, which highlight their working methods and the thought processes behind their bodies of work.  



March 4, 2017