Joanne Greenbaum On The Future Of Painting With Glass (Forbes)

by Nadja Sayej

Joanne Greenbaum is a New York artist who has been painting abstract compositions for over 30 years. Her work, which ranges from playful to chaotic, cartoonish and sometimes architectural compositions, which are always a conundrum to decode. Recently, the artist has turned to making works on glass for her latest solo exhibition at Rachel Uffner Gallery in New York City, I’m Doing My Face In Magic Marker.


For her latest work, Greenbaum has created a series of ‘glass paintings,’ flat, wall-works made entirely of glass. It signals a shift – glass is becoming a central medium in contemporary art, not as sculpture, but as wall works. As Greenbaum explains: “I was interested in making glass paintings, and I’ve used cutouts to work with the beauty of glass, not against it.”


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November 13, 2019