Joanne Greenbaum (Glass Quarterly)

by John Drury

John Drury reviews Bullseye resident artist Joanne Greenbaum's solo exhibition "I'm Doing My Face in Magic Marker" at Rachel Uffner Gallery in Glass Quarterly Spring Issue No. 158.


Accomplished painter Joanne Greenbaum approached her residency at Bullsey Glass Co. in suburban Mamaroneck, New York, by plunging into the making, applying her skills for composition and color to simple kilnforming. Low-tech and technically facile, the works Greenbaum created seem unconcerned with proving her glass chops. Instead , she finds unbridled and intuitive expression in casting aside any pretense of expertise. Great fields of brilliant color and neo-optic compositions are the hallmarks of her efforts, which went on display at a hip Lower East Side gallery in New York City. Greenbaum's work holds a lesson for the glass field: In the end, it's not the how but the "pow!".


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March 1, 2020