Breaking Glass and Gloomy Skies Inspire This Artist (The New York Times)

By Ted Loos

A beautiful story about Rui Sasaki in The New York Times  by Ted Loos, including her postponed work for the Portland Japanese Garden . In early 2020, Sasaki was in residence at Bullseye Glass Co.'s factory studios exploring new methods and ways of working with glass in preparation for that exhibition.


Ms. Sasaki’s next project was scheduled to debut in September at the Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon, but it has been postponed because of the pandemic. “It’s rainy there, so it’s perfect,” she said. Discussing Portland’s climate got her thinking about clouds generally and why she likes to try to depict them. “A cloud you can’t touch or grab,” Ms. Sasaki said. “It’s a foggy shape, it’s temporary. I think it’s these ambiguous things that are interesting to me.” 


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May 31, 2020