Matthew Szösz (Glass Quarterly)

by Andrew Page

Andrew Page inteviews Matthew Szösz about his exhibition Luftschlösser at Traver Gallery in Glass Quarterly Spring Issue No. 162.


...the newer work, and particularly the work in this show, represents an attempt to exert much more control over the form and detailing, and I felt that a much more deliberate use of color was appropriate.


They are created using Bullseye's family of iridescent sheet, which allows them to take advantage of the color change across the length of the tubular pieces, and careful cutting and matching of the glass allows for some really eye-catching transitions that emphsize the forms.


Bullseye produces these iridescent coatings over most of its color range, and the coating over transparent colors, in particular, allows for a lot of subtle variation in the color and surface of the pieces as the light or point of view changes, and the illumination moves from transmitted to reflected. These pieces thrive in natural lighting that changes throught the day allowing them to become different pieces at the different times. - Matthew Szösz


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April 1, 2021