Rising stars: 10 makers to watch in 2022 (Crafts Council)

Crafts Council Stories • 12 January 2022


Sunderland-based artist Anthony Amoako-Attah, who was profiled in the latest issue of Crafts, is rapidly making a name for himself with a series of sculptures that dazzle as well as confound. Hung on the wall like tapestries or draped over surfaces, they glisten as glass but have the colours, texture and apparent movement of cloth. 


Excerpt from Crafts Council. Read more at: https://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/stories/top-10-makers-for-2022


Bullseye Projects will show Amoako-Attah’s work at London’s Collect art fair (25-27 February). Learn more at https://www.bullseyeprojects.com/exhibitions/310/overview/
January 12, 2022