Kirstie Rea goes solo in Japan (Canberra City News)

By Meredith Hinchliffe
A chance visit by the director of the Toyama Glass Art Museum to Canberra Museum and Gallery in May, 2017, led to an invitation to Kirstie Rea to have a solo exhibition at the Toyama Glass Art Museum. This exhibition, her largest ever and first solo show in Japan, traces the breadth of stillness she has walked by presenting recent works along with works from nearly 40 years of her creation and thought. The invitation was a magnificent recognition of Rea’s career in glass, which began in 1986 when she graduated from the Canberra School of Art.
Kirstie Rea – The Breadth of Stillness is on view through June 26 at 富山市ガラス美術館 Toyama Glass Art Museum.
March 25, 2022