Illuminations: Artist Spotlight (Western Art & Architecture)

By Norman Kolpas

“...Such stunning creations are hallmarks of Bullseye Studio, the custom-fabricating division of Bullseye Glass Company. Founded 45 years ago in Portland, the parent company has grown to cover multiple square blocks of the city’s booming Eastside Industrial District. Another division, Bullseye Projects, works directly with glass artists from across the nation and around the world to promote their creations in kilnformed glass–that is, glasses of various colors that are fully and permanently fused together in the intense heat of a kiln…Bullseye Studio, meanwhile, focuses on the challenges inherent in custom interior design or architectural glass projects that combine fine art and practical purposes. One of its most recent, largest-scale projects debuted in 2020 in the lobby of Portland’s newly built Multnomah County Center Courthouse, a 71-foot-long, 25-foot-tall fused glass artwork designed by Chicago-based artist Lynn Basa…This fall, Bullseye Studio played a key role in the Portland Museum of Arts current exhibition They Come From Fire, an immersive, site-responsive installation by Native American artist Jeffrey Gibson.”

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Bullseye Studio collaborates with artists, architects, and designers from around the world to fabricate art glass for the built environment, including architectural, landscape, and product designs; public art projects; and art installations. 


Bullseye Projects explores contemporary glass with makers, designers and viewers of all ages through exhibitions, educational programming, making experiences, and events.

Bullseye Glass Co. is a leader in promoting glass art worldwide through quality production of colored glass for art and architecture, research and education, and the exhibition of innovative glass art in its galleries.
December 1, 2022