Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass (Neues Glas)

Neues Glas - No. 1/2023


Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass, a biennial exhibition organized by Bullseye Projects is a juried competition and resulting exhibition. It reflects the expansion and evolution of the kiln-glass medium and its community. While still encouraging emerging talent, the parameters for this year's exhibition have been widened to include a broader range of artists and to acknowledge the expansion of kiln-glass into the architectural and design fields.


In contrast to glassblowing, which uses a pipe to inflate and shape molten glass, kilnforming uses a kiln to bind and shape layers or particles of glass, known as frit. Tg refers to the temperature at which glass transitions from behaving like a solid to behaving like a liquid. This metamorphosis embodies the ethos of kiln-glass: the transformation that occurs when glass softens and yields to the fierce heat of the kiln.


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Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass

18 Feb - 13 May 2023

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX, USA

February 1, 2023