Political Luggage, Recycled Materials and Layered Stitches (The Protagonist)

By Birgitta Huse

These pieces of luggage aim to transport a political message. Anthony Amoako-Attah whose works are presented by Bullseye Projects says: “I manipulate glass to look like woven fabric by screen printing and kilnforming with glass powders.  My work explores themes related to the effects of migration, dislocation, and personal identity using traditional Kente designs and Adinkra symbols from Ghana.” Kente cloth is inseparable from Ghanaian identity. It has a long tradition of communicating political messages in the sense that especially elaborate Kente cloth represents the high status of its wearer, usually royalty.


Amoako-Attah’s Kente glass luggage kicked off my journey through this year’s Collect 2023, the international fair for contemporary craft and design presented by the Crafts Council at Somerset House. During my personal “Textile tour” I visited seventeen of the nearly forty galleries which exhibit works made in the last five years in order to see the recent creations of thirty-three textile artists.


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March 2, 2023