Collect 2023: Highlights and Contemporary Craft & Design Trends (ArchiPanic)

The line of artists presents an interest mix of cross-cultural and cross fertilisation work with strong representation from artists of the African diasporaas well as a diaspora of artists working in their native crafts but living abroad and who are increasingly bringing traditional crafts into a contemporary setting. Keeryong Choi, presented by Bullseye Projects, exhibits glassworks blending South Korean and Scottish heritage.


Indeed, a distinct sense of place serves as thematic inspiration for many gallerists. “This year’s fair is a thoughtful and timely consideration of our surroundings: the natural world, the seasons, interior spaces and the home, and even Somerset House,” explain the fair’s organisers. Bullseye Projects artist Joseph Harrington’s glass sculptures take shape from the ice and salt erosion process. 


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March 16, 2023