Permeable Structure

Silvia Levenson, Emily Nachison, Michael Rogers, Karlyn Sutherland

Bullseye Projects presents the inaugural exhibition at The Byre, a new exhibition space located in northern Scotland. The buildings we inhabit have complex lives. By peeling back the layers, we reveal histories of use. The sometimes indelible but often fragile clues hint at the stories that moved through and between these spaces. Add to this the world outside that shines in through the windows and grows into the crevices. Our own memories, emotions, and aspirations, which we bring to every space we encounter, create new dimensions. It is through this confluence of meaning – between the buildings, the light, the land, history, and the people - that the rigid structures in which we live become permeable. Permeable Structure brings together the work of Silvia Levenson, Emily Nachison, Michael Rogers, and Karlyn Sutherland. The exhibition draws from the landscape, deep history, and culture of Caithness, the northernmost county in Scotland.