My work explores the interaction of colour, form, and light in solid glass sculpture, with a focus on flow patterns made visible through colour. By using two or more colours during the casting process, it is possible to track the flow of molten glass after it has cooled and solidified. Height and placement of the reservoir, placement of glass billets, and the form of the object all influence the flow patterns. Thick-thin variations of form, curves and angles, the optical properties of glass, and matte or polished surface finishes impact the appearance of the final object. The works change depending on the viewing angle, when set into motion, and with changing light conditions.


Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Brachlow received a B.A. in glass (2004) from University of Wolverhampton and an M.A. (2006) and Ph.D (2012) from the Royal College of Art in London.  She primarily works as a self-employed artist from her studio in Cumbria, and as an educator and lecturer, teaching at the Royal College of Art. Brachlow’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK, as well as in Japan, Australia, Italy, Germany, and the US. Her work can be found in the collections of the Victoria and Albert, London; European Museum of Modern Glass, Rodental, Germany; Glasmuseum Hentrich, Dusseldorf, Germany; National Museums Scotland; and Museum of Glass, Tacoma, Washington.