Saman Kalantari

In this body of work, I aimed to push my artistic boundaries while avoiding repetition. Each piece can be presented both horizontally and vertically, inviting viewers to engage personally, creating a captivating dilemma - which orientation is better? This tension amplifies viewer engagement, prompting a dialogue about aesthetics and the subjective nature of beauty. My art fosters connection and exploration, sparking reflection on the beauty of choice in aesthetics.


Saman Kalantari is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist based in Bolzano, Italy. In 2007, Kalantari completed a two-year course at Vetroricerca in Bolzano, where he discovered glass as a new medium. His innovative method of pâte de verre awarded him the Glass Art Society 2015 Technology Advancing Grant and he has been a finalist in competitions including The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa and the Toyama International Glass Competition in Japan. Kalantari has taught various international master classes around the world.