Sean Cramblett

My work is based on the relationship between simple geometric forms and the more complex organic patterning found in nature. I am drawn to the fluid patterning and textures created through erosion and the natural geometry of a spiderweb or a pine cone.  While these works are meant to be visually stimulating I also am trying to create a sense of mystery.


Sean Cramblett has developed his unique style through more than 15 years of practicing, learning, and experimenting in the world of glass and fire. Cramblett is a lifelong artist with years of lampworking glass experience, now primarily focused on kilnformed glass. Originally from Southern California but now based out of Mendocino County, Sean infuses his artwork with a love of nature and a respect for the patterning of the natural world. He often calls on strong, earth-based color tones as a compliment to the shapes and texturing that make his art unique.