Leah Wingfield & Steve Clements

Our sculptures are meant to capture those moments that are completely focused on love; when all else falls away. We do this naturally and without hesitation when we embrace our dogs. The focus is so deep that our hearts are free from burdens and there is only love. No matter how worried, serious, compassionate, pained, responsible and utterly overwhelmed we are by knowing every damn thing going on in the world...we will find relief with our dear beasts who don’t care about any of that stuff.


Leah Wingfield and Steve Clements relocated to Oregon from Arizona in 2001.  After have individual art practices, the pair decided to collaborate, combining their strengths and expanding their use of mixed media.  Wingfield has focused primarily on  cast glass, while Clements has mastered working with wood and steel.  Their sculptures are designed and executed together, which they find to be a rich and rewarding way to work.