Tracy Nicholls

Perfectly imperfect - edges crumble while pitting, cracks and holes emerge. Exploring the deterioration that occurs around and within us, the once solid forms that become ever more delicate and fragile, I draw on the imagery of this journey and the intricate structures that remain. Gravitating toward a simple monochromatic palette and opaque glass, I use heat and gravity to manipulate and distort the material, exploiting the tension that exists between the planned and the unexpected.


Since completing her MA at University for the Creative Arts Farnham in 2009, Tracy Nicholls’ work has been exhibited extensively, both nationally and internationally. Her work can be found in the Dan Klein & Alan J Poole Collection of Modern Glass at National Museums Scotland; Glass Museum of Marinha Grande, Portugal; The Turner Museum of Glass, University of Sheffield, UK; and the Glasmuseum Lette, Coesfeld, Germany. In 2008, Nicholls won Best in Show at the British Glass Biennale and was a finalist in the prestigious Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass in 2014 and 2022.