Departures @ Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area

October 18, 2014 - January 25, 2015

The Bullseye Bay Area Gallery presents Departures, a solo exhibition of works created by artist Anna Mlasowsky during her six-month residency at Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area in Emeryville, California.

German-born artist Anna Mlasowsky is known for her experimental and unconventional approaches to glassmaking. It is with this attitude that she approached her residency at Bullseye. Departures is the culmination of this time, reflecting on the myriad of approaches that the residency yielded.

“I entered this residency with specific ideas for developing self-invented techniques,” says Mlasowsky. In her previous work Mlasowsky has created experiential installations determined by sound waves and performances where molten glass is physically manipulated. This body of work draws inspiration from diverse sources, resulting in an exhibition consisting of multiple conversations.  “Each of the projects has its own visual language and aesthetic,” she explains. “Each work stems from an individual point of departure. The title of this exhibition gives credit to the diversity and individuality of each project.”

About the Artist

Anna Mlasowsky holds a BA from the Danish Design School in Bornholm, Denmark. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Kaleidos award in 2010, the Stanislav Libenský Award in 2011, and most recently the Otto Waldrich Prize from the Coburg Glass Prize Competition as well as the Silver Award from Bullseye Glass Co.’s Emerge 2014 competition. Mlasowsky has been an Artist in Residence at The Corning Museum of Glass, The Pittsburgh Glass Center and Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington where she is an MFA candidate at the University of Washington.