Glass Bridge: Connecting Material and Maker

April 12 - June 4, 2016

Portland, ORBullseye Projects presents a showcase that highlights the collaborations between artists, designers, and Bullseye Studio. Glass Bridge: Connecting Material and Maker will be on view April 12 – June 4, 2016.


The union of material and maker is where art and design occur. The considered handling and transformation of a raw substance into a form of aesthetic, conceptual, or functional beauty is at the heart of craft. In most cases, the alchemic interaction of maker and material is straightforward. The maker substantiates their ideas through the manipulation of a material, but what happens if the maker’s idea points them toward a material that is unfamiliar, or if their idea exceeds the capability of their own studio? Glass Bridge: Connecting Material and Maker examines six projects in which artists and designers have collaborated with Bullseye Glass Company enabling them to realize their projects.


Bullseye Studio’s first artist residency of 2015 found noted Scandinavian designer Anu Penttinen exploring ways to increase her serial production of handcrafted tableware typically made in her small shop in Nuutajärvi, Finland. The residency allowed Penttinen access to thousands of color choices as well as the use of larger and more sophisticated equipment.


Creating windows for the newly renovated Temple Beth Shalom was a collaborative process between the Rabbi, representatives of the congregation, the architect, as well as artists Steve Klein and Richard Parrish. Klein and Parrish, long time collaborators on educational projects, had never worked together on a project of this scale. They turned to Bullseye for expertise and equipment that allowed them to create a series of seven jewel toned windows depicting the history of Judaism.


Paul Housberg has used Bullseye glass for over thirty years. His current project marked a move from using sheet glass as raw material to commissioning Bullseye Studio to provide initial fabrication work.


Inspired by one of MADE’s Cascade tables, the owners of Condor House in Portland, Oregon asked Bo Hagood to work with Bullseye Studio to marry the seemingly disparate materials of glass and wood. The resulting integrated glass and wood cabinet doors, dining table, and door explored a range of connections.


When approached by Bullseye to design a table, artists Jessica Loughlin and Deb Jones created two prototypes exemplifying their individual and collaborative ways of working. Jones’s interest in raw materials and obvious construction blends with Loughlin’s quiet aesthetic. Both Jones and Loughlin are accomplished makers, but have worked with Bullseye on technical research and to fabricate works too large for their studio in Adelaide, Australia.


In the process of designing Canyon for the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon, artist Christy Wyckoff decided to work with glass as it would shield the seating area while offering visual access to the activity behind it. Wyckoff, primarily a painter and printmaker, had completed two residencies at Bullseye and turned to the technicians in Bullseye’s Research and Education department to assist in the creation of the large scale installation.


Bullseye Studio is located inside Bullseye Glass Company’s factory in Portland, Oregon. The team, headed by project manager Tom Jacobs, often works with makers who wish to bring their work to a new level. Bullseye Studio also offers residencies, assistance with public art projects, residential and commercial commissions, subcontracted fabrication, and also produces customized products including stair treads, pavers, and countertops.


Bullseye Glass Company manufactures colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to research, education, and promoting glass art. Since 1974, Bullseye has collaborated with a community of artists across the globe and have been instrumental in developing many of the materials and methods at the core of contemporary kiln-glass. Bullseye is a small company with global influence. Our research and education programs continually enrich and extend the reach of contemporary kiln-glass.