In Residence @ Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area: Emily Van Engel, Susan Abbott Martin, and Adrien Segal

November 28, 2017 - February 24, 2018

Emeryville, CA – The Bullseye Bay Area Gallery presents an exhibition of work by former resident artists from the Bay Area. In Residence will beon view November 28, 2017 – February 24, 2018.


Resident artists at the Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area are provided with the opportunity to explore kiln-glass for the first time, expand their current research, or work at a scale not possible in their own studio. The 2017 edition of In Residence highlights the work of Emily Van Engel, Susan Abbot Martin, and Adrien Segal.


Emily Van Engel’s background in print media is evident in her approach to glass. Layers of boldly-colored imagery are silkscreened on the surface and fused between layers of glass. Van Engel’s Bedroom / Cognitive Dissonance (2016) depicts a domestic scene with an overlay of rust colored textures evocative of industrial sites. This collaging of two distinct spaces creates confusion that speaks to Van Engel's exploration of environmental issues.


Susan Abbott Martin is a mixed-media artist known for her use of common materials in vast installations and sculptures that often consist of repeating forms in regular patterns and grids. During her residency, she transformed the circular repeating crocheted forms from a coverlet, casting the web-like patterns with clear and black glass frit. The resulting wall-based installation features glass and fabric forms, layered and installed in a celestial array.


Adrien Segal employs a variety of materials in her data-driven sculptural work. Segal’s work often explores environmental concerns and disasters, reconciling the “conventions of reason and fact with an intuitive and emotive experience.” During her residency, Segal drew of images of sea ice patterns, transforming image data into a 3D model that was cast into glass. The combination of a flowing, translucent material with imagery of melting ice creates a poetic resonance.