Reticulation @ Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area: Sean Cramblett and Linda Gass

June 12 - September 8, 2018

Emeryville, CA - Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area Gallery presents Reticulation, a two-person exhibition featuring work by Sean Cramblett and Linda Gass. Reticulation will be on view June 12 - September 8, 2018.

Artists Sean Cramblett and Linda Gass both use nature as starting points for their work. Cramblett's geometric and brightly colored kiln-glass panels are comprised of layers of colored glass that are fused and then carved. This carving reveals each layer of glass, recalling the sedimentary stratum that are largely revealed, in nature, through eons of erosion. The carved patterns create tension as they transition and overlap rigid, angular geometry and organic curves. "I am drawn to the fluid patterning and textures created through erosion," says Cramblett. Combining this fluidity with the "natural geometry of a spider web or a pine cone," Cramblett seeks to create a sense of mystery.

Linda Gass's glass and fiber works also explore juxtapositions. In particular, her map-like pieces are "inspired by the connections between humans and the water and land that sustain them." By combining past, present, and projected future images of shrinking waterways with human intervention, Gass explores vulnerability and resilience in pieces inviting viewers to consider their place in the world and the impacts that humans have on the environment. "I'm drawn to the birds-eye view of the landscape," explains Gass. "The human marks and patterns are revealed by [this] view. My study of these marks leads me to ask questions about how they affect the health of our water resources." Gass's works are heavily researched and often distill complex and serious topics into aesthetic experiences that are personal and approachable.

Sean Cramblett has developed his unique style through more than 15 years of practicing, learning, and experimenting in the world of glass and fire. Cramblett is a lifelong artist with years of lampworking glass experience, now primarily focused on kilnformed glass. Originally from Southern California but now based out of Mendocino County, Sean infuses his artwork with a love of nature and a respect for the patterning of the natural world. He often calls on strong, earth-based color tones as a compliment to the shapes and texturing that make his art unique. 

Bay Area artist Linda Gass creates art about land use and water issues in California and the American West. Glass won the prestigious Fleishhacker Eureka Fellowship Award in 2012. She graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Mathematics and MS in Computer Science and has been creating art for over twenty years. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues such as the Oakland Museum of California and the US Embassy in Moscow. Books and magazines featuring her work include 500 Art QuiltsThe Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography, and American Craft Magazine. Gass is a native Californian and when she’s not making art or championing environmental causes, you can find her backpacking, camping, and hiking in the wilderness areas of the West where she finds much of the inspiration for her work.