Emerge/Evolve 2018 @ Resource Center Bay Area: Rising Talent in Kiln-glass

January 15 - March 9, 2019

Emeryville, CA – Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area is pleased to present Emerge/Evolve 2018, a group exhibition that combines award winning and honorable mention works from Emerge 2018 with evolving work from former Emerge finalists. Emerge/Evolve 2018 will be on view January 15 - March 23, 2019.


Emerge 2018 is the tenth installment of Bullseye Glass Company’s biennial, juried competition for rising talent in kiln-glass. Emerge recognizes the work of students, early-career artists, and established artists from other media who are new to kiln-glass. The 2018 award winners were selected from over 280 entrants by jurors Benedict Heywood, Executive Director, Bellevue Arts Museum; Heidi Schwegler, artist, and Founder, Yucca Valley Material Lab; and Diane Wright, Curator of Glass, Toledo Museum of Art.


Emerge offers a snapshot of the contemporary kiln-glass landscape, highlighting the innovative and compelling work being created by a new cohort of artists. Evolve, a companion exhibition, identifies former Emerge finalists who have continued to push the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic boundaries of their own practice. This year’s iteration of Evolve features new work by Cobi Cockburn (Emerge 2006), Joanna Manousis (Emerge 2010), Cassandra Straubing (Emerge 2010), and Kathyrn Wightman (Emerge 2014).


Emerge/Evolve 2018 is a touring exhibition originating at Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon and traveling to Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area Gallery, Emeryville; Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia; and Bellevue Arts Museum, Washington.