Bullseye @ SOFA Chicago 2013

Chicago, IL – Portland’s Bullseye Gallery underscores its commitment to education and contemporary studio glass with two distinct, yet related, exhibitions, Graduated Glass and Chroma-Culture, at the 20th annual Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design (SOFA) Fair.

Graduated Glass features works by former students and current faculty from three university-level art programs: The Canberra School of Art at the Australian National University, New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology, and London’s Royal College of Art. Bullseye’s relationship with these institutions encourages and supports artists who are pushing the conceptual and aesthetic boundaries of kilnformed glass as a medium for art, design and architecture. Graduated Glass includes new work by: Kate Baker (Australia), Heike Brachlow (UK), Jane Bruce (US), Mel George (Australia), Joseph Harrington (UK), Jennifer Halvorson (US), Karen Mahardy (US), Fahan Sky McDonagh (US), Michael Rogers (US), and Richard Whiteley (Australia).

Chroma-Culture, an exhibition mounted earlier this year in conjunction with Bullseye’s biennial BECon conference, is reprised with an abbreviated selection of works from the original exhibition and new works created specifically for SOFA. Chroma-Culture explores the formal, conceptual and symbolic uses of color in contemporary kiln-glass, featuring: Cobi Cockburn (Australia), Michael Endo (US), Mel Douglas (Australia), Émilie Haman (France), Steve Klein (US), Jessica Loughlin (Australia), Richard Marquis (US), Klaus Moje (Australia), Stacy Lynn Smith (US), and Cassandra Straubing (US).

October 24, 2013