Tg – To Cohere and Coalesce: The Movement of Kilnforming (Neues Glas)

by Helen Lee

Neues Glas No. 2/2022


Bullseye Glass’s biennial exhibition of kilnformed glass—formerly Emerge—debuts this year under a new name: Tg. Tg refers to the glass transition temperature that lies near the center of the region in which the material shifts between behaving like a solid and behaving like a liquid. Tg draws our attention to the unique spirit of kilnforming, where artists create a physical time-and temperature-space to give the material’s movement artistic expression. The acuity of Tg incites a particular resonance between kilnforming and the plurality of ways in which movement continues to permeate and propel contemporary practice. Movement is most powerfully evoked in this exhibition by explorations of cultural identities as shaped by migration and dislocation.


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May 1, 2022