Terri Grant

I create works in glass that are designed to challenge perception, using a nontraditional form: glass threads. My practice involves creating a unique palette of glass threads, which are cut into tiny pieces, layered, and then manipulated in the kiln to make artworks that address questions of self-determination, permanency, and perception. I play with scale, texture, spatial orientation, and the intrinsic attributes of glass, in order to explore how we perceive our lives and the life around us.


Both an ER doctor and artist, Terri Grant holds an MD from the University of Washington and pursued a self-directed path of art education. She has studied under Silvia Levenson, amongst others. In 2019, Grant was a Pilchuck Glass School John H. Hauberg Fellow. Her work has been shown in multiple museums, the 2021 two-person exhibition, Trace, at Bellevue Arts Museum. Her work is featured in New Glass Review 37, 39, and 43.