Georgina Fuller

My interest in classical architecture has been shaped by modernist artist M.C. Escher’s graphics and the geometric style of the Art Deco period. Approaching forms with a collage sensibility, my process includes producing shapes using computer-aided design and melding them in unique ways. I use the translucent, ghostly qualities of glass, which meditate on morphism and fluidity, creating a sense of dimension and transience. These ambiguous forms allow viewers to glimpse nuances of the past or find some echo within memory. Akin to the work of contemporary graphic artists such as Paul Milinski, my work tells stories through colour and shape, playing on wonder and imagination while evoking feelings of nostalgia related to personal experience.


London-based, Australian artist Georgina Fuller developed a keen interest in ceramics at an early age, influenced by her artistic mother. Her work was accepted into Art Express and nominated for Shape, two highly regarded exhibitions for Australian high school graduates in art and design. She received a BA in ceramic design from University of the Arts London in 2021, and an MA in ceramics and glass from the Royal College of Art in 2023. Fuller dedicated her second year at RCA to exploring kilnformed glass, creating a body of work using casting and pâte de verre techniques.