The body is a record, a physical accumulation of past events and decisions. Actions are constantly etched on our surroundings and ourselves, in profound and subtle ways. Within any place or person is encoded the layered history of existence, a specific narrative that remains open to individual interpretation. My work parallels this continuous accretion. The challenge and reward of glass is that it contains remnants of every action applied to it. As the effects of process accumulate, a unique history is revealed that is distinct from its inception even as traces of its origin remain. There are no conclusions, only possibilities.


Jeff Wallin has spent his life in the Pacific Northwest. He studied under Professor Keiko Hara at Whitman College, graduating in 1995 with a BA in studio art. Since moving to Portland, Wallin has continued to pursue drawing and painting at The Drawing Studio with Philip Sylvester and more recently at Hipbone Studio with Jeff Burke. His introduction to glass came in 1999 at Ray Ahlgren's Fireart Glass, where he continues to work.