Giles Bettison

Giles Bettison, a graduate of Australia's Canberra School ofArt, is known for both artistic and technical innovation. While still a student, he applied an ancient Venetian glassworking technique – the fusing of bundled glass cane cut into patterned slices called murrine – to a new material: an American-made colored sheet glass. By using strips of sheet glass instead of cane, Bettison was able to achieve the appearance of woven textiles. He has applied this technique to a variety of forms, from traditional vessels to sculptural blocks mounted on steel.


Bettison has received a number of prestigious awards, including the Best New Talent award from UrbanGlass in New York (1999) and the Bavarian State Prize Gold Medal in Germany (2001). Bettison was also the recipient of the Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp prize for design from the Canberra School of Art (1996).


My work is an exploration of my movement through life, expressed in colors, patterns and forms. The light and color in rural and outback Australia are part of my experience of connecting to place and people. I use abstract representations of these and other places to explore my feelings; I want to include some essence of what these places mean to me. - Giles Bettison