I suffer from nostalgia; I have a bittersweet longing for people, items and situations from my past. This wistful desire and sentimental yearning plays into my artwork and I use the materiality of glass to create vignettes that echo the fragility of a moment. The majority of my works in this exhibition feature skyscapes that look to explore the way wind currents and clouds can symbolize the cyclical, temporary and ever changing nature of moments in time. Another group of pieces show obscure views of landmarks from my past, illustrating a faded and misty recollection.


The largest piece in the show is an assemblage of 366 small tiles inspired by the mosaics I saw during my recent travels. Frame of Time depicts the days of one year, broken down to the essence of the colour of the day. Each tile, shaped like a photographic slide, serves as a marker of a moment and grouped together, they create a complete timeline.


The artist would like to acknowledge and thank the Stephen Procter Fellowship and Jeremy Lepisto in the making of this exhibition. - Mel George, exhibition state for Hazy


After eight years of owning/ operating Studio Ramp LLC (a custom glass fabrication studio) with her husband Jeremy Lepisto in Portland, Oregon, Mel recently moved back to her hometown of Canberra, Australia. She is a graduate of Australia's prestigious Canberra School of Art glass workshop, during which she completed a residency at the Bullseye glass factory while still an undergraduate, later returning to work in the company's Research and Education department on projects with international glass masters. Mel is the current Artistic Programs Manager at Canberra Glassworks. She both teaches and continues making and exhibiting her own work nationally and internationally.