Cassandra Straubing

I explore the material of glass and how it physically and emotionally contradicts itself. Using cast and blown glass, found artifacts, and a variety of scientific processes, I have the ability to express the diversity and complexity of human existence: strength, fragility, beauty, and pain. Glass displays ghostly reminiscences, signifying a personal history or memory left behind. It can also portray a lack of existence, suggesting the invisibility of a person or represented community. Glass becomes a window for the viewer to explore what might otherwise never be seen.


My work is a survey of social positioning and political climate. I challenge the viewer with contemporary topics, including sociological aspects of the working class and their tools of manual labor.


Cassandra Straubing’s sculptural work addresses issues of domestic, agricultural, and industrial labor within our current political climate using multiple mediums and processes, including glass and mixed media fabrication. She employs a wide range of glass-forming techniques including casting, blowing, hot-forming, and nontraditional glass processes to create her artwork. Straubing currently serves as the Glass Faculty Head and Studio Coordinator at San José State University in California, and Adjunct Faculty at California College of the Arts. She received her MFA in glass from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007, and her BFA in studio art from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2002. Straubing served as President of the Glass Art Society Board of Directors for two years. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including shows in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Portland, Oregon.