Marc Petrovic

Marc Petrovic graduated fromt the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1991 and that same year was the recipient of the Top Agnes Gund Award. When not in the studio, Marc is often teaching and has been the visiting instructor at, among others, the Niijima International Glass Art Festival and the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Marc's work can be seen in the collections of the Tucson Museum of Art, The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, and the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. Marc lives and works in Connecticut where he shares a studio with his wife Kari Russell-Pool.


I strive to be an artist first and a glass sculptor second. Although I primarily work with glass, a material most commonly viewed as a craft material, I strive to make content driven work that stresses the idea at its core rather than the seductive material it is made from.

My pieces revolve around ideas that both intrigue and befuddle me. While these pieces ask a lot of questions, they attempt to answer none. They simply serve as a way to contain and continue a dialogue. At the nucleus of each sculpture is an idea around which the piece grows. In a sense, the way a grain a sand aggravates the oyster enough that it creates a pearl. - Marc Petrovic