Maurizio Donzelli produces drawings, paintings, textiles, sculptures, and installations through which he seeks the meeting point of the real world, our perception of it, and its artistic representations. His approach to making art is rooted in philosophical considerations of the nature of perception, and how visual phenomena such as color, images, and art itself affect the way we see and understand reality. He considers drawing both an intellectual and technical pursuit, and it is central to his practice. Donzelli’s work also features mirrors, which he sees as symbols of the process of perception. With their simultaneous ability to reflect and distort, they also mirror our own variable and inevitably inexact comprehension of the surrounding world. In one series, Donzelli layered sheets of lenticular glass over watercolor drawings; the works appear to shift and distort as viewers pass by them.


The poetical elements in Donzelli's work have always focused on some key points of the artistic process: drawing, image revelation, the inesacapableness of the observer in defining the work, relationship between light and color.

The drawing practice is the intellectual and technical tool with which Donzelli compares artistic and philosophical reflection with the themes of image immateriality and temporariness, with its quality as an analogy, or, more in general, of transfiguration and transformation.