Bryan Humphrey

Bryan Humphrey is drawn to kiln-glass’ ability to hold, shape, and bend light. During the residency, Humphrey combined digital prototyping with centuries-old glassmaking techniques. He used a custom-built CNC milling machine to carve refractory material into molds for pâte de verre, a technique in which finely crushed glass is combined with a binder, traditionally gum arabic, to create a paste that is firmly packed into a mold and fired in a kiln until the glass is fused. The resulting sculptural pendant lights shift in color density and opacity, allowing them to both capture and refract light.


Bryan Humphrey, Matthew Day Perez, and Martyna Szczęsna all met at Dustin Yellin Studio where they continue to work as Production Manager, Material Specialist, and Photographer, respectively. Humphrey, an accomplished industrial designer and fabricator, trained at the University of Alberta where he taught design for three years before moving to New York; he oversaw the initial renovation at Pioneer Works as the Design and Build Director before settling in at Dustin Yellin Studio.