Martyna Szczęsna

Martyna Szczęsna’s photographic and site-specific works often speak to intermingling and dissonance found in notions of place, cultural identity, and utopian constructs. Her recent MFA thesis exhibition at New Wight Gallery, UCLA, investigated the “mythologies ingrained in the American landscape through the lens of California public lands, self-expression, and moral relativism.” During her time at Bullseye, Szczęsna used a variety of kilnforming techniques to expand on these ideas. Graffiti at national parks, chain link fences around public waterways, and the traces of human activity in pristine settings become uncanny moments in which differences in perspective can create anxiety. “This work,” says Szczęsna, “aims to highlight the awful beauty of the surreal world we negotiate each day.” 


Martyna Szczęsna is a recent graduate of the UCLA MFA photography program. Her hybrid photographic works mix digital and analog photographic processes with sculptural elements and installation. All three artists have exhibited extensively throughout the United States and abroad.