I have been interested in creating artworks that are suggestive of objects which are normally invisible, or things that lie behind what can be visibly observed. 


Using layers of semi-transparent glass powder, I wanted to capture the transition between varying grades of shadow and the light on the surface. 


All of the work I made during my residency describes the state of being transient and permanent at the same time, often through a process of regeneration. 


The title Transpermanent is meant to capture this ambiguity between transience and permanence, and suggests its relationship with the degrees of “transparency”. 


Tomoko Abe graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with a BA in painting (first-class honors). She spent part of her studies at Escuela de Bellas Artes in Salamanca, Spain, on an Erasmus scholarship. Abe’s work has been exhibited in the US and internationally, and she has received awards including the Helen A. Rose bequest at the Royal Scottish Academy Exhibition. Her work has been featured in publications including 500 Raku, The New York Times, and Ceramics: Art and Perception. Abe has lived in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. She presently resides in the greater New York area.